Serie A this season, the defending champion Juventus large decline, the unexpected. It was originally expected 4 consecutive heritage, after adjustments will soon catch up, but that is not the case, even Juve lineup is still trial and error, often play well after the emergence of the volatility of one or two, the first 12, Juventus fifa coins only The first league game winning streak.

Now the season to the third batch of the national team, the former two Allegri hold back two weeks to come up with a plan is not effective, Juventus are still in the "Spirit when not working" state, this last country intermittent matchday squad, Allegri can you? Juve can achieve the league's bottom three, in fact, which is the biggest suspense Serie A this season - Juventus still play it? After first winning streak of the season the league, Juventus relegation zone from the beginning of the season, up to 7 standings, from the top, the Champions League cheap fifa 16 coins, European Cup regional disparities are 9 points, 8 points, 2 points.

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