Next summer, AC milan will have eight people contract. The Italian media analysis, six people are likely to leave, fifa coin seller reviews only old goalkeeper Christian abbiati and captain montolivo will remain.

Eight players, cher and balotelli is on loan contract, does not contain a buy-out clause in his contract, so two people will definitely leave, return to atletico Madrid and Liverpool respectively. fifa coins online review From now, two people no longer belong to the team's plans, especially cher, AC milan aspect may be based on his performance to decide whether to continue renting or try to sign him directly.

Alex, philippe mexes and zapata three defenders contract will expire, the Italian media that three central defenders in the milan may choose to leave one of them,fifa 16 coin websites but specific who is still uncertain. So far, alex hopes to return to the expiry of his contract santos, philippe mexes has contact with fiorentina.

Nocerino is simpler, the condition of the AC milan won't renew the contract with him, if possible, milan hope his problem solving during the winter transfer window.

May leave is the Christian abbiati and montolivo,fifa coins reviews including montolivo has been basically reached a contract agreement with the team, he will have his contract until 2019, but milan hope he 3.5 million euros annual salary can be reduced. For Christian abbiati, milan will give him two choices: if you want to continue a player will sign a new contract for one year, if they are to retire to give him a goalkeeping coach of the contract, the veteran goalkeeper hasn't made the decision.


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