Real Madrid are in dilemma, cheapest fifa coin sites the state of the top star cristiano ronaldo has ups and downs. Recently for a period of time, ronaldo's side has been around a lot of transfer rumours, most of the reported all think that he will join Paris st germain, the ligue 1 side, cheap FUT 16 coins cristiano ronaldo in the interview for the response.

In an interview with the Portuguese magazine Visao, facing the transfer of a greater problem, ronaldo did not clear answer, fifa coins online review but said: "compared to Paris, I prefer to Madrid, but perhaps one day things will change, I might be a girlfriend in Paris, then have more time to stay in Paris."

"I have family working in France, but I'm not going to live in Paris. Paris is a beautiful city, I have been there several times, but it is not special for me." Cristiano ronaldo went on to say. Marca interpretation, according to cristiano ronaldo, at least in the short term will not move to a greater.

Cristiano ronaldo revealed he has not to think about retirement planning, best fifa 16 coins site don't know if I will choose to coach or go to when a President of the club, he said: "I hope I can continue to develop its own brand, because I know that my career will end in 5-10 years later, then you will have a completely different life."


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