Past ronaldinho left messi jersey,fifa coins reviews and with the replacement kit owner, Barcelona also ushered in the succession. Brazilian gave barca fans to smile, while messi Barcelona into the outbreak period. 10 "gift" in Barcelona television this program, Lionel messi and ronaldinho talked about their relationship with Barcelona, but also revealed some secret to each other as well as the dressing fifa coins sellers

When messi in Barcelona team 2, often follow Barcelona team training.Where to Buy Fifa 16 Coins Massey said: "the second team players sitting in the other side of the dressing room, locker room is u-shaped, we sat in the front. One day they told me to sit on the other side to go, don't have to sitting on this side."

A position at that time, ronaldinho's wardrobe is empty. Massey said: "the chest have a place empty, he and deco, motta cabinet in this area, they let me sit next to. To be honest I can't believe it at first, I said no, but he let me sit around them."

A ronaldinho the tender feeling, and their training on the pitch and coordination, Buy Fifa 16 Coins set up two people maintain friendship so far. Ronaldinho revealed how two people friendship is formed: "he is a very simple person, very calm, he sat beside me in the dressing room, we have the opportunity to start a real friendship.

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