EA recently announced the "FIFA 16" new promo, told us about the game in a best place to buy fifa coins new visual and sound experience, including: the main menu will increase EA message window, diehard own club stadium can set menu background, and more Multi-weather choice, nine new authorization stadium, the Bundesliga broadcast interface package, upgrade matchday experience, more than 900 kinds of scene cheer, new playback interface, more realistic player faces and much more are all presented. 

The details you can see in . While the new work also has more superior motion capture technology and more stadium details, such as football can hit the water bottle next to the goal, the referee's free kick interactive spray, players and bench players on the sidelines, and some details of game celebration. Of course, this will also add a lot of personality players celebrating. In addition to these elements, "FIFA 16" career mode has also been a new experience to upgrade, like UT mode players can "FIFA 16" to experience the new Draft mode. If you want to experience the first "FIFA 16", but not lucky enough to get the opportunity fifa coin sites to "FIFA 16" closed beta, that's means you need spend more fifa 16 coins to experience. 

Or did not have the opportunity to experience the game in the major exhibition to this game, it will only wait until the "FIFA 16 "The Demo released. "FIFA 16" The Demo is expected in September 9th to 10th release, then the player can be downloaded free on the PSN, Live shops and Orgin internet. "FIFA 16" Demo
good fifa coin sites team players that can be used include: Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and more particularly, Borussia, Greater

fifa coin comparison Paris, Inter Milan, bed and US Major League club Seattle Sounders. The players can use to include Borussia stadium, home of the Prussian Park Stadium, Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and Seattle Sounders of CenturyLink Field. Apart from soccer, this time US Women's Demo also provides a demo and the German Women's National Team. In addition, FUT latest Draft mode also provides a Demo. 

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