Season Experience:
Psychology: Psychology is playing season that the most important factor  mentality not
fifa coins often lose the game, so that we must try to remain unbiased.
Quake:  think to learn to observe the opponent, because every opponent's style will be different. For example, some not very good at breaking the opponent, the ball is not very good, spend cheap FIFA 16 coins to do more closing down. And some opponents like to play fancy ball better, and then be on the looting multi alt with defense, spotted the opportunity, do not blindly out of the foot. Style is changing, but also according to their style of play opponents make the appropriate changes.

Formation And Line-up:
 line-up opinion has always been, for example, you are defense Araba - Boateng - Neuer - Ramos -
buy fifa coins Carvajal, or Sandro - Miranda - Handa - Jiye Li Nigeria - interest is almost like Turner arguably Puka best defense, but also not guard opposite players, we should look for from their own reasons, in fact, the impact is not too great line-up.

So here the speaker 4321 formation, players command (instructions):
ST: stay central, stay in the middle.
Lf, Rf: get in behind, to run behind the defender.
Intermediate CM: stay back, stay back. 
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Other commands are the default settings:
Forwards And LF, RF: the main choice shot, high speed players. Perfect Puka forward: C Ronaldo, Aguero. Preferably Puka Forwards: Lacazette, Suarez.
Perfect LF: Nei Maer, C Luo. Preferably LF: Royce, Adjara. Perfect RF: Messi. Preferably RF: Robben, Bell.
About CM: HH mentality primary election or HM. My opinion is to choose two types of players. 1, all-around player, attack defense are more good players, such as Bo Geba, Nayingelan, The Magic Flute, Marchisio, Vidal. 

2, strong and fast offensive winger or strong play, this is the best winger HH mentality, it will be more active playback, of course, like Bell that has 60+ defense value of HM does not matter. Recommended players: William, Mkhitaryan, Carlos Tevez.
Intermediate CM: CM is responsible for defending the middle, so the best course mentality MH, HH but also
buy fifa 16 coins at can be used as short a little, playing the middle CM defensive mentality must be H.
Perfect Intermediate CM: Aifenboge Vieira.
Good Middle CM: Vidal, Ramirez, Nayingelan, Marchisio.

Defender:  still prefer to spend FIFA 16 coins to buy fast and standing tackle (standing tackles) tall central defender, because of the higher speed Zhongwei fault tolerance. Out of position back to the faster recovery.
Perfect Puka Defender: Ramos, Boateng, Chiellini.
Puka Good Defender: Miranda, manolas, Barzagli.

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