Latest news from EA’s recent Q4 earnings call was that FIFA 17 was set to make a "major leap forward in personalization, immersion and competition". What’s more, wccftech have posted some more details from the event, detailing some of EA’s plans for the "EA Player Network".
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According to the site's breakdown, the EA player network will allow players to connect to one another independantly of the platform they're on (something Sony and Microsoft have flirted with publicy earlier in the year) and also enable cross device saves. Based on the growth strategy graph below, it looks like the plan is to start slowly through FY 2017-18 before really ramping up from there, so it's possible we're a few years away from seeing a real impact from it, but it's good to know something like this is coming.
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Naturally it's hard to imagine a world where EA rolls out something like this without making it a big part of one of their flagship franchises, the question is, where does something like this fit within FIFA?

Cross platform CM saves seem like a great idea, but beyond making them console to mobile enabled it's hard to see how that's massively useful. A wider matchmaking pool (as long as it's stable) would never be a bad thing, but it's likely that the biggest benefits would come to online play, or more specifically, FUT. A shared club across mobile and console allowing fans to make progress with their club on the move maybe, or just one great big transfer market (which would raise some Legends questions in itself)?
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It's all theoretical at the moment, "connecting players" might not even mean matchmaking at all and certainly when it comes to cross platform FUT there are some potential issues, but fingers crossed we'll hear more at EA play on the 12th of June.
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The details comes from the presentation given by EA CEO Andrew Wilson and if you want to read the whole thing to lend some authenticity too it, it's here. There's not too many FIFA specifics in there, beyond the fact that 1.5B FIFA 16 matches were played in FQ4.

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