FIFA 18 Gameplay: What Skills Should the Novice Master?
In FIFA 18, which position does Cristiano Ronaldo play in? There is no definitive answer, because it depends on your opponent. If he uses Premier League and he has Walker and Valencia, I will let Cristiano Ronaldo play in the right. If he uses Bundesliga and he doesn’t have Alaba, Cristiano Ronaldo plays in the right,fifa coin site otherwise Cristiano Ronaldo plays in the left. If he uses Serie A, in usual, best place to buy fifa coinslet Cristiano Ronaldo play in the left, because the opposite right back is weak. Anyway you observe his team before you enter the game. And then let Cristiano Ronaldo attack his weakest place. It seems shameless, but my perspective about life is that natural gift decides your platform but it is the detail that decides success in final.
As for the attack, if you let Cristiano Ronaldo attack Alessandini’s side,cheap relaiable fifa coins he does not have to break through alone by force. He can cooperate with Mbappé and Griezmann and let one of them break through and pass ball. If you attack Ronaldo’s side, you must break through by force. Ronaldo carries ball and starts accelerating. Let the opposite back follows up and stop instantly and do the Elastico, best fifa coin websitesnamely operating the right rocker from the right to the left or from the left to the right. In addition, you also can stop instantly and do the pendulum. If center attack is possible, then you should center attack. If your opponent defenses well, you pass back, walking inverted triangle and passing ball into penalty area. Let other players finish the shot.
The last tactic is, in penalty area, keeping the speed and shooting into the far corner of the net, best place to buy fifa 18 coinsbut you should practice more before using it. It would be better to stop in penalty area and do the Elastico or the Marseille, and then shoot with speed. It is going to be domineering.
The above is the use of Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 18 that I bring to you. Does anyone get it?

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