What Should You Prepare for Your Career Mode?
The attack is said to be the best defense,fifacoins.com but if you take the stadium on FIFA 18 with attackers in the middle of your back,best fifa coin sites we guarantee you will miss the goals.

With this in mind,best place to buy fifa coins we’ve screwed the game of transportation in the Career-Fashion game to 10 times the central back will not cost you the land. All of them are available for purchase in the first transport window when you start a new bailout,fifa coins.com and during the listed prices are those that we negotiated with the sales clubs, you can do a jump or sell better. Your player is in reverse.
Jaroslav Rakovski (Shakhtar Donetsk)
The most successful club in Ukraine in the 21st century took great talent in recent years, launching careers from Henrik Mkhitarian, Willian and Fernandinho among others, but remained Jaroslav Rakitskyi with the side, when he joined his youth. As the back center will go, he is not the top, but with a free-kick act,best way to buy fifa coins the animation to distanci, the eye to the long passage to go with his superb striker and defensive statistics, is much more than he played just stop the opposition attackers. Shakhtar will € 18m for the 27-year-old international, but his ability varied and the fact that he can pay and play as a defensive midfielder, if necessary do a good value for him.

Nicklas Stark (Hertha BSC)
Hertha Nicklas Stark is only 78 in general now, but the 22-year-old has a great future ahead of him. The fact that it is sometimes published as a defensive medium should give you an idea of ?The central back type, but its ability to 85,www.fifacoins not the flexibility it buys. That means he will keep you 17 million euros,best site to buy fifa coins but if you’re looking for a defender who can read the game, how he can handle it, Stark is your man. With 75 speed and a fast speed of 78 is also one of the fastest central back of the game, just waiting for him to stay with Gareth Pyle in full flow.

David Astori (Fiorentina)
The extinction may have been 30 years, but you will struggle to find a more reliable central position for less than 20 million euros. The Fiorentina defender will appeal to you about € 4M less, but given that it is reasonably fast, there is still a need to get a few good seasons out of it before it starts to fall. With both permanent features and 85 marks,www.fifa-coins.com in addition to 86 intercepts and 80 interactions, it is the type of defender who likes to stay at his feet. It competes instead of admiring the ball, but as protection for your portal it has all the rights reserved.

Jannik Westerkard (Borussia Monchengladbach)
And remain at a height of 1.98 m, and this Danish giant will certainly add some presence to any defensive deficit from the rise. With a strong state of 94 and precision direktega 86, Vestragard can pose a threat in two boxes, although only 46 for speed,fifa-coins.com you will have to worry about not catching the break. Speaking, with a long case of 80 years, will not need to escape from the defense to contribute during his career. € 15m should be enough to convince Gladback to let the 25-year-old move – given that she has the ability to improve around five points a year, of course you should return on your investment if you want to get more down the line.

Yarkai Alvarez (Sports Club)
In recent years, Aimeric Laporte has been in the back most regularly connected with a distance from Athletic. Now that he has gone to Manchester City, the Basque club can make sure he has ready positions in the form of Girai. That’s what you did not buy. 14 million euros gets a good young defender who reads the game well,fifa 18 coins site but can enter a strong sliding text if necessary. He also wants the ball in his feet, and with access to 84 completely, it will only improve.

Erik Butichin (Feyenoord)
Football players in South America are traditionally known for their technique and rumors, but when it comes to defense and the back of Central Brazil Feyenoord is the most animal of beauty. Botteghin’s strength of 91 is his statistical state, but 83 to celebrate, staging and intercept features cause an important obstacle to opposition to pass. Survival at 1.93m and 82 to jump,Cheapest Site To Buy Fifa Coins is also seriously wins the air. The dominant Dutch champions will be 12.5 million euros at the age of 30, and their salary does not require the bank to break.
Jeffrey Gwalio (Augsburg)
Jeffrey Guillioo is usually Dutch, because he is technically equipped and has a last name, which is difficult to pronounce. With 84 to intercept and 76 for a long step,Best place to buy fifa coins you can easily have to drive in an environment without surprise, but it is best in front of goal, with 81 for permanent features, 79 for celebration and 74 for sliding features. 69 to speed up and (76) to speed it positioned among the fastest central back here, and with 77 long shots and 72 shots of energy do not harm him if there is a pop ball falling on his opponent’s edge. It’s yours for 11 million euros.
Ivan Marcano (FC Portas)
With the contract lespiriantaanta Puerto hand at the end of the season,safe fifa 18 coins now is the time for the board and choose one of the best defenders in the Portuguese league for download (or, if you can not wait, try to join it for free at the end of the first season). A part on € 10m you get an expert, no, unreasonable back-center, with 82 to staraj treaties, intercept and aggression, then the opposition will soon learn who the ball is it. The good statistics of the jump (90) and the precision of the direction (83) make it threatening at the angle and 74 of the short past means that you can trust it, so that the ball moves too.

Marek Sochaux (Basel)
Some of the best European players spent time in Basel in their formative years, including Ivan Rakitich,best fifa 18 coin sites Mo Salah and Sheridan Shaqiri. While Marek Sochi may not be able to be here with these guys, he was consistently wonderful for the Swiss club. The Czech international will reward you more than € 9m, but with 82 to strength, 80 for standing and 78 to celebrate, he has the skills to prove himself in many defenses and he is not bad with the ball at his feet. A strong addition to any team with limited funds.

Damien da Silva (Caen)
With only one year to sign his contract,fifa coins best site you can engage in talks about Damien da Silva with a strong hand. Ignore any version and offer € 7 million to get the French side to sell it or prove it and try it for free choice in January. The 29-year-old has strong defense statistics from the board,cheapest place to buy fifa coins with 80 stand-alone features, 79 degrees, and 78 for sliding features and slides. The 78 is released by force, 82 for aggression and 79 for direct accuracy and you have a strong opponent who, despite his age, still has the potential to improve by a point completely.


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