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St Patrick is coming real soon! In fact, it is the 17th March 2018, www.fifa-coins.com so in one week actually. This article is going to explain to you what we can expect during this Irish celebration.
In the game, this celebration translates itself by some events like new SBCs, fifa-coins.com new player cards and other events… We’re going to review those categories in detail.

New Cards Color: There are some Republic of Ireland players that are selected to have a green card, though, it has absolutely no difference with the previous version, fifa 18 coins site there is no improvement apart from the color of the cards. Thus, the price is higher for those cards. That being said, the players are not very high rated (Republic of Ireland has no player above 81).

SBCs: Last year, we had four SBCs:
-Green Team: it required 11 Saint Patrick’s players, 70 of note, 90 chemistry.
-Premium Pot of Gold: required 2 SP players, Cheapest Site To Buy Fifa Coins 90 chemistry.
-Mega Pot of Gold: 4 SP players, 9 gold players minimum, 90 chemistry.
-Ultimate Pot of Gold: 7 SP players, 9 gold players minimum, 100 chemistry.

This lets us think that it will be very similar this year, though, Best place to buy fifa coins the chance to make profit from the SBCs are thin, but some players actually made serious profit with it (including me ).

Last year, there were also competitions to qualify for the Weekend league that required to have some Saint Patrick’s players.
There are some packs that will be available, safe fifa 18 coins with only Irish players for example.
There is also a possibility of purchase-resale. Indeed, best fifa 18 coin sites the green St Patrick’s players are only available 1 week in the packs. Therefore, as soon as the players will not be available in the packs anymore, their price will increase.

To sum up all this, fifa coins best site this Saint Patrick event not only allows us to make profit in the game, but also gives us the possibility to play with the new competitions etc. Maybe EA Sports will give us some new content for this event, we will see.


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