Stand-Still Tank Center Forwards

Representatives: there are Giroud, Cheapest Site To Buy Fifa Coins Ibrahimović, Dzeko, Mandzukic, Gomes et al. This kind of center forwards usually has 50 speed, Best place to buy fifa coins 90 physical, violent shot and knee slide. They are good at passing with back to wing forwards or attacking midfielders, safe fifa 18 coins header shootout and shooting the near goal ball. Therefore if you intend to buy Giroud to play a counter attack, best fifa 18 coin sites the ball has been lost already when Giroud went to the goal. It needs patience to wait for chance, fifa coins best site when you use the ST who rely on assist with back and reverse triangle passing to score.

Speedy Attacking Center Forwards

Vardy, Aubameyang, cheapest place to buy fifa coins Mbappé, Werner et al. This kind of center forwards usually runs very fast and can beat the offside trap. When they have space, they will immediately shoot at goal. No wonder some game players post a message at the first time when they get Cwristiano Ronaldo after opening a pack. It needs to note that this kind of center forwards doesn’t have outstanding dribbling, what is the safest website to buy fifa coins which means it is impossible to skip the opponents in a small range.

Fancy Dribbling Center forwards

Jesus, Lacazette, Griezmann, fifa 18 companion Agüero, Atalanta’s Gómez et al. compared with the last kind of center forwards, this kind of center forwards has better dribbling and agility. They can create more changes to shoot and most of them can run very fast. Therefore they are popular such as Jesus with 81 rating only costing us tens of thousands. It is sufficient to prove his advantages. You need to defense carefully since the three players in the upfield are small, speedy and agile, fut coins compare otherwise you may concede a goal.

All-round Center Forwards

They are Suarez and Lewandowski, what is the safest website to buy fifa coins while there are low-end players like Firmino and Belotti. They have balanced performance with moderate speed and agility. Occasionally they can defense the back alone. It tends to use this kind of forwards in the single forward formation. I buy Suarez recently. He is agile. He can be a threat to the opponent in playing behind, best place to buy fifa coins long shot and header.


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