Scorpion tail pendulum is to add up the ball from the back with the heel of the foot in running. This is a very fancy move on the court. Some FIFA master is with scorpion tail pendulum before the end to finish the game. It is very exciting. In fact, Best place to buy fifa coins the operation is very simple, as long as the steps are correct, scorpion tail pendulum can be completed.

1. When drag the ball, you need to have teammates in the far.

2. When pass, safe fifa 18 coins hold down L1/LB and push the left stick in the direction of the teammate and click the long pass key

3. When shot, hold down L2/LT and push the left stick forward and press the shot button quickly

The famous scorpion tail pendulum in football history

Retired Columbia famous goalkeeper Higuita, best fifa 18 coin sites named madman or lunatic. In September 1995, in a friendly match between England and Columbia, fifa coins best site England midfielder Redknapp shot 25 yards from the door. Aim at Higuita’s standing position, cheapest place to buy fifa coins Redknapp had a long-range shooting. Higuita had long expected the opponent’s approach. He didn’t panic. When the football was about to enter the goal, what is the safest website to buy fifa coins he didn’t use his hands to catch the ball, but he played a dangerous act of “kicking the ball upside down”. He leaned forward and kicked the ball out of the gate with his heels.

This move is the highest accomplishment in football history. With this action, fifa 18 companion Higuita can rank the world’s top goalkeeper. This move shows his passion for his technique and his creativity. This action is called “scorpion rescue ball” because it is similar to scorpion tail pendulum. The move shocked the world in 2002 when it was ranked No. 94 in the 100 greatest moments of sport by BBC Four.

2. November 30, 2003, the 150th Holland “El Clasico “, best place to buy fifa coins Amsterdamsche forward van der Vaart, he scored a shocking scorpion tail pendulum goal at the opening 3 minutes.

3. In the 2004 European Championship between Sweden and Italy, Swedish forward Ibrahimović’s “scorpion tail pendulum” shocked the world.


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