First introduced on FUT 09
Most SIMPLE FORMED The formation that looks more with this one
4-4-2 (2)

STILO | How well is this formation for attacking, safe fifa 18 coins defensive or counterattacking style
Attack Defense Anti-Attack

Portable description How this formation can be described
The classic formation Widely used in the soccer world and the second most used in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Organized structure of defenders and midfielders moving as a line and down the pitch.

DRIVERS AND FRIENDS PENTS The best and worst of this formation
(right)The safest choice for those players is not very certain about what training to go.
(right)Solid and good for the attack through the middle or on the wings. Few can support wings.
(wrong)Formation a little preferable for opponents.
(wrong)Some of the high schools must have good defensive attributes to help the next four.

FORMATED ANALYSIS | How to use this training
This is a training for those who want to try new players or teams or for those who do not know about their own games. Due to this formation, best fifa 18 coin sites without reflection on attack or defense, it is worth noting that players do not show a particular preference to the selection of players. For example, fifa coins best site you might find exposed if you choose two attacking CMs, and vice versa you may find a lack of attacking players, cheapest place to buy fifa coins if you choose two defensive CMs. It is best for you to choose round players in this formation or try to compensate with players surrounding them.

HOW TO KNOW YOU FORMED How to play against someone using this training
You would probably find that someone uses this formation with the 4-4-1-1 due to the supporting stroke roles. The next striker can present a problem according to the feature or specialty that they may have. Use at least 1 CDM and have an environment that spreads widely to cover the LM and RM. The formation is quite flat, what is the safest website to buy fifa coins so any formation that can maximize stepping behind the middle field. The CMs pass first midfielders (not so defensive), fifa 18 companion so getting midfielders with force will pay large dividends.

WORK PROFESSIONS | Those FIFA-18 configurations you need to use to hit this one
1 4-2-3-1
2 3-5-2
3- 3-4-3
4 3-4-2-1

OUR SUGEST | The most important attributes and the best jobs for each position


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