First introduced on FUT 09
Most SIMPLE FORMED The formation that looks more with this one
4-3-3 (2) and 4-3-3 (4)

STILO | How well is this formation for attacking, defensive or counterattacking style
Attack Defense Anti-Attack

Portable description How this formation can be described
One of the most famous FIFA-18 formation. It gained a greater notoriety to be adapted by Guardiola.

DRIVERS AND FRIENDS PENTS The best and worst of this formation
(right)The proximity and balance of the six men of the front allow safe steps among them.
(right)Strong attack on the wings.
(wrong)Only one ST may not be enough.
(wrong)Failure players who help the back four.

FORMATED ANALYSIS | How to use this training
This formation takes advantage of wings and allows them to play just near the line. The 4-3-3 are fantastic for those players who prefer to use a ball transition from these positions. You are not limited to this style of play, best place to buy fifa coins however, the broad players also have the ability to cut and cause problems, especially if their strong foot is opposed to the wing they play.

HOW TO KNOW YOU FORMED How to play against someone using this training
Unlike the other listed 4-3-3 alternatives, the 3 cats try to contain the ball and distribute effectively. This formation requires the help of the RB and LB. This rarely is used in an online gaming game because there is so much space to get to the midfielder – play the ball wide or behind the high school. Super full backs can be exploded completely easily. Owning many players in the attacking third will cause this training a lot of problems. Try to have more institutes to make your work even easier.

WORK PROFESSIONS | Those FIFA-18 configurations you need to use to hit this one
1 4-5-1
2 4-4-1-1
3 4-1-4-1
4 4-2-3-1

OUR SUGEST | The most important attributes and the best jobs for each position


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