First introduced on FUT 09
Most SIMPLE FORMED The formation that looks more with this one

STILO | How well is this formation for attacking, defensive or counterattacking style
Attack Anti-Attack Defense

Portable description How this formation can be described
Similar to 4-3-1-2 but with two CFs and only one ST or similar to 4-3-3 but the left and right forward is inside more than the wings.

DRIVERS AND FRIENDS PENTS The best and worst of this formation
(right)It’s wider in the attack than 4-3-1-2.
(right)Suitable for those who like to play through the middle.
(wrong)Some narrow formation, especially at the middle field.
(wrong)Requires complete networks to have at least average rates

FORMATED ANALYSIS | How to use this training
This formation has all the key ingredients to point out objects effectively. The target at the strike is very well finished or strong, and the RF and LF can stretch the back line with ampolite rhythm. This formation decreases on crossing and more shooting and with balls. If used efficiently, fifacoins.com the previous three in this formation can cause anti-attacks against multiple counter defendants.

HOW TO KNOW YOU FORMED How to play against someone using this training
The two advances are the most important players here, so you must use the same tactical contract to stop the attacking force: 2 CDM.

WORK PROFESSIONS | Those FIFA-18 configurations you need to use to hit this one
1 4-2-3-1
2 4-3-1-2
3 4-1-2-1-2
4 5-2-2-1

OUR SUGEST | The most important attributes and the best jobs for each position


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